Co-organized by GS-Solar, the “Conference of Water Surface Photovoltaic Power Plant of the Second Leadership Plan” Successfully Ended


On July 13th, Hosted by China Photovoltaic Industry Association and China Investment Association and co-organized by GS-Solar, the “Conference of  Water Surface Photovoltaic Power Plant and Seminar for Water Surface Photovoltaic Power Plant Design and Equipment Selection of the Second Leadership Plan” was successfully completed in Nanjing. The conference has a scale of more than 500 people. The main leaders of the conference include Wang Bohua, Secretary General of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, Wang Jin, Director of the International Energy Research Institute of ICC-NDRC, Shi Dinghuan, State Council Counselor and the former president of the China Renewable Energy, etc. As one of the important invited guest, Dr. Luo Qian, General Manager of Products Department of GS-Solar, gave a keynote speech entitled "HDT N-type Monocrystalline High Efficiency Heterojunction Solar Cell Technology".

The conference combined policy and technology. The topics discussed included “theConstruction Prospects and Policy Trends of Water Surface Photovoltaic Power Station inChina”, “Related Requirement and Standard Formulation of Water Surface Photovoltaic Power Station” And “Commercial Development Model and Investment Return Rate Analysis of Water Surface Photovoltaic Power Station” etc. The conference deeply analyzed and discussed the hot and difficult issues in the current construction and operation of water surface photovoltaic power plants, highlighting pertinence, practicality and operability, which is of great significance for promoting the healthy and sustainable development of water surface photovoltaic.


Dr. Luo Qian from GS-Solar gave a keynote speech entitled "HDT N-type MonocrystallineHigh Efficiency Heterojunction Solar Cell Technology" with the theme on the development of N-type monocrystalline high efficiency heterojunction cell technology and the competitive advantage of GS-Solar’s HDT solar cell technology. Dr. Luo Qian pointed out that as aleading solar cell technology in the world, GS-Solar’s HDT solar cell technology has the advantages of high conversion efficiency, excellent power-temperature co-efficiency, double-sided power generation and low attenuation, which will greatly promote the watersurface photovoltaic power generation technology and increase investment benefits.


In recent years, owing to its electricity generation with relatively high efficiency and non-occupation of cultivated land, forest land and grassland, water surface photovoltaic isgradually becoming a new investment hotspot in the application of photovoltaic power generation in the central and eastern regions. As one of the important events of the guild, this conference will not only effectively promote the technical exchange of the industry, but also provide an authoritative cross-border communication platform between enterprises.

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