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CuInGaSe (CIGS) is the main raw material to make Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium thin-film solar cells, CIGS is a IB-IIIA-VIA multi-compound semiconductor material. It has the following advantages:

1.The band width can be adjusted in the range of 1.04-1.7eV, providing a new solution for optimized band gap of solar cells;

2. CIGS's light absorption rate is the highest among all solar cells, which can be up to 105/cm2. The material in 1um thickness can absorb 99% of visible light. As shown in Figure 1:


                                                           (Figure 1

3.Wide range of spectral response: 400nm~1200nm, the widest among all types of solar cells. As shown in Figure 2:


                                                           (Figure 2

4.High photoelectric conversion efficiency: a small-area solar cell has reached up to 20.3% efficiency (certified by NREL)

5.Stable performance: free of light-induced degradation effect, and light will improve its conversion efficiency, leading to longer working life.

6.Good low-light performance: able to work under overcast conditions.

The manufacturing processes of Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium (CIGS) thin-film solar cells include coevaporation, vacuum deposition + selenization, non-vacuum process + selenization. It’s very hard to control the process of coevaporation, making mass production difficult. Non-vacuum process has the defects of poor uniformity and low efficiency.The vacuum process mainly adopts magnetron sputtering, this technology is mature and has been applied in the glass coating industry for many years, it’s high-yield and is suitable for large-scale production.

GS-Solar adopts magnetron sputtering + selenization process and makes continuous improvements and innovations during manufacturing processes. GS-Solar has developed CIGS thin-film solar modules with independent intellectual property rights, the conversion efficiency of the modules is over 12% in mass production and is over 15% in pilot production.

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